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I dont know if this is lust,obsession,or love towards you…
Somedays I think it is lust for all I want is to kiss you all over…
my lips on your hips,my lips on your hands,my lips on your thighs,my lips on your booty,my lips against yours,just my lips on you…
Somedays I think it is an obsession my sweet obsession…all i think is you which is driving me mad…I have dreams of you…like the moon you rise at night why is your beauty to much to bear without…but what thoughts hounts me the most is your smile…for another that is not me…
Lastly somedays I do think I love you…that smile of your brings me happiness…the sound of your voice calms me…the knowledge that you are safe eases the pain…but my love for you is what makes my heart ache to just hear you say my name…
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Waiting with the Yellow Umbrella
When I Think of what could have been i start to hope to much,
but I know i should hope for so much,
but i know you have been crying,
Its ok I am  here to try those tears...
Im alone under the rain waiting under the rain for you,
But all i want is the same as anyone,
my day under the sun with you,
no more rain just the rays of sunshine that is your smile...
But this is just me...
just waiting to be the man you need to be,
for the moment you are done waiting for me,
under the grey skies, rainy days, and moonless nights.
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it's this again
its just not fair that i try so hard...
that i have walk for so long...
that i have cried so many tears…
i have all of these words saved up…
But you just let them slip away.
why do these words makes sense in my head...
i can hear them rhyme in mind...
but once they are written down they dont sound ok...
But you just let them slip away...
its just not fair that i love you this way...
why cant you see...the road i choose was your arms....
how can this be that i stumble so far away…
why do i care what you think of me anyway...
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Another one of those nights
oh no its one of those nights again…
in which i get to pretend…
in which i get to hide in my sheets again…
burry my face is my pillow again…
yes i know what i am saying i have said many times before…
it will be one of these nights again…
im falling asleep thinking of you…
oh why does it have to been like this again…
why cant i be threw with this?
another night of dreaming of you…
while you sleep with HIM…
why does my dreams haunt me?
why does it bother me?
why is loving you so much worse at night?
i just hope that this night you sleep well…because i wont be able to
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love like i do ish
Here it comes again the though of you...
its just an image of you...
why is that smile of yours so beautiful...
Why do roses remind me of you?
Why do these scents make me cringe?
Who says my thoughts are not lost?
What am i to say? when these thoughts of you come here...
what did i see you in? you will never know...
because you don't have my view...
You don't see the same smile i see...
You can't view those eye like i do...
you can't sense that smell of yours like i do...
but i do know that i love you...
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oh what can i say?
what should i do?
what else can be told to you?
words that you have always heard before?
does it even matter if i even speak?
are you used to these words?
are you used to these lies?
how much more pain have these words given you?
does it matter if i say them today?
how can i even talk to you now?
is it even worth it now?
why cant you understand that i love now?
that i'm here now with these words in the tip of my mouth
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Isn't it
Oh How could I have been so blind,
It's done isn't,
My Mistakes are clear.
My love over you is here,
Why can't i just move on,
Loving you this way.
Why is it that i can't help myself,
Thinking of you this way,
Just for you.
Why can this be over already,
this ache that i feel about me,
not loving myself but just you.
How can i still be in love with you,
now i am sure i am bad,
Because loving you hurts
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Tan Bella
Como es posible que tu siendo tan bella me causas tanto dolor...
Cada mañana es el momento en el empieza este tormento..
Por que siento que estoy enfermo...que hago para curarme?
Lo siento desde aqui...tu bella mirada que nunca sera para mi...
no tengo que tener mas llanto de tristeza...
yo siempre supe desde el principio que tu nunca serás mía...
Que le dijo al sol en la tardecer...
Que aqui estoy intentando ver la manera que me mires como yo te miro?
es este dolor que me hace sufrir cada día...
Pero tengo que moverme...
Tengo que llenarme de otros sentimientos...
Y al ver que mi amor lla no es tuyo vendrás por mi?
Tengo que desarme del vacío que tu me das?
Tengo que olvidarme del sentimiento que me haces sentir sin querer..
Ahorra pues buenas noches mi Niña bella 
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I love you Mocosita
I love you…you know this to be true,
I love you from head to toe…you know this to be true,
I love you when you smile…you know this to be true,
I love you when you read…you know this to be true love,
I love you from the start of the day till the end…you know this to be true,
I love you when you dream…you know this to be true,
I love you when I can hold your hand…you know this to be true,
I love you Mocosita…and you know that is true.
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So Sick Medley
Im so sick of myself, I'm tired of being so hopeful,
Why am i always so blue? like why is it that I still have these tears?
I am just so sick of hearing love songs, poems of happiness, and movies with a happy ending...
Could it be that i am sick in the head? Now i can not find meaning to this,
I can not understand how I used to wait for your phone call or text,
Here I lay in my bed all day just watching tv, is this not a sign that i am sick...
What is happening to me? why am I so hopelessly sick to be a romantic?
Now here i stand letting the hours pass by me,
I will wait for you to come by me...How can people sleep at night?
Do you even know that feeling you give me?
Nobody sees how sick you make me in the head,how your smile pops in my mind all the time,
how your curves got me dreaming babe,how the thought of your hand holding mine is worse than a crack addiction,
how can i hope to get a cured of this sickness babe, when the cure is your lips but also the disease?
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Letter to my past self
I told myself that at some point I will be happy,always having that dream,
I listen to all these songs about making it in life,they made their dreams come true,
I see these movies about how to get a life, and then i ask myself how come my dreams are failing...
Could it be that I do not dream enough? no that is not it,
Could it be that I have given myself to despair? no that is not it,
Could it be that I fear even a larger failure? Yes that must be it...
Now I see that feeling must move me further apart from failure,
I now see that at my 30 years of old i have done nothing,
Could this be what I fear? that I am truly nothing...
Now here I am writing this poem...
Maybe this is an old dream or maybe just a new one...
Writing this is giving me a better dream...
I just wish that by the time you read this my dream has come True...
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Do you Remember?
Do You Remember? Those days in which you still saw the beauty of this world?
You ask daddy why the sky is blue? You would ask mommy why the sun hurts?
Given time you knew the answer to these questions and more would come...
Do You Remember the day of your first kiss? Do you remember when you stop thinking like a kid?
How does it feel so have lost your innocence....Once you saw that you were no longer a child...
What made you that bitter about life?
Do You Remember how you wanted to fly to the moon? or be a Guardian of Peace and Justice.
Where did those dreams go? When did this world nightmare won over us?
How did we let ourselves go?
Do You Remember how much you wanted to find your other half? but now you just settle with less than a quarter of that..
Why is it that now that we are so old we seem to want those days back...
What makes us yarn for those times again? The truth that we are growing old...
Oh well even now that I am about to hit that age I hope I can see the world bright aga
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untitled #1
As I sit here trying to find what may rhyme,
I always find my self in a loss of words,
Can you deal with this? Can you find the right words already?
I can see it in your eyes already...
You always knew what words will break me,
You know what will send me to Hell,
It does not matter how much I try,
Getting my words out won't matter...
You made your decision already,its lame for me to fret about it,
It is in your eyes already to tell me what I already know,
Finding my words to defend myself is useless,
we both know what comes next...
My tears and stutters are falling in deaf ears,
Bringing myself to say words to you don't work,
I can't hear you over the sound of my pounding heart,
How can I do this every time? Fall over and over with you still?
Could this be my curse? To always love what i can't have?
Give my heart away? Bringing myself to this same point?
Just how do i always come to this?
Just let me break that my sorrow will leave me sooner 
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Just want to hold your Hand
I want to go on an adventure,
Just see this world with you,
Is that to much to ask from you?
I want to hold your hand,
You don't know how crazy this makes me feel,
What this world will look like with you next to me,
I just want to hold your hand,
This i know this sounds crazy kid,
But you have no clue how much you change the flavors of this world when you are with me,
It took forever to ask you this...
But may I hold your hand? Mine is just shaking waiting for yours...
Let us be crazy kids for one night only...
Let us see the stars at night and be high together...
Let me know how much your hand is shaking next to mine.
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Girls like you kill me
This is the story of my life,
I saw you,fell and broke to pieces for you,
All of it in just one moment ,
It always ends the same way,
You see I always have my hopes up,
And that hope is what kills me,
Trying to be your Prince Charming never works,
Trying to be there for you,
I can never be that hand for you,
Then it just kills be that I am not that person for you,
This is why women like you kill me,
Cuz it's not your fault I fell for you,
It's just a broken me that want you to complete me...
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Terrible seen
I started out this verse passing myself in my room,
That is when I work out the courage to write everything down and press send,
I keep on checking to see if you read the poem I wrote to you,
How terrible it is to not know if you read what I pour out to you…
Just for me to notice that it has been finally seen…
Now my worry is that you are afraid of me…
This terrible thing to know you have seen my heart…
How you own these feelings I have for you,how you are breaking me every sun rise until I shattered into pieces at sunset…
The terrible feeling that I have is to be put together every night so that you do not see my worst after you have seen the real me
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Steven Guerrero
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